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a young Daisy ChapmanDaisy’s first piano lesson was, like many children, forced upon her at the age of 6. However, it soon became clear that rudimentary scales, arpeggios and bi-tonal songs offered no thrill.

Consequently, Daisy took it upon herself to learn, by ear, Bruce Hornsby’s ‘The Way It Is”. Not exactly a cutting edge and life changing choice of song, but what she discovered was that once you’ve mapped yourself around a piano, anything is possible.

Here followed mix tapes and 30 minute recordings of Daisy re-producing popular songs of early 90s, such as Adamski’s “Killer” and Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life”, all evidence of which now lie deep in a drawer somewhere in her Bristol home, never (hopefully) to never see the light of day.

Daisy’s Casio CZ 1000 is now traded in for her trusty touring Roland RD-170 which has been by her side since 2005 when her solo work finally started to take shape. Following some misguided attempts at forming bands and pretending to be a rock star whilst reading Cultural Studies at Bristol’s second most popular University, Daisy wrote and released her first solo double EP, which quickly raised the eyebrows of German based label, Songs & Whispers, whom she has been signed to ever since.