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Two Chicks, One Piano. 

A duo with Jenn Bostic

In December 2013 I toured the UK supporting the vivacious and massive voice that is Jenn Bostic. I had had my doubts about this jaunt - short sets, long drives, an audience more au fait with the country twang of Jenn's Nashville sound, or the pop happiness of other support Emma Stevens. Thankfully, the audience were far more forgiving towards my melancholia than I had expected - particular thanks to the evening's opening sets by Jack Omer - music far more akin to my style. Jack became a bit of a tour buddy as we shared lifts and miserable music from Glasgow to Cornwall.

Half way through the tour, Jenn took me aside in the sweetest way and asked if we could do something musically together. I had been blown away by her polished performance style and titanic voice and despite the vast genre gap I knew this would work. So here is the finished product. Regina Spektor's 'Eet', recorded during sound check on two iPhones:




New Video - Jealous Angels

The second single from Shameless Winter now has a video. I do so love to make a video, but I know I'm not that good at it. I have little/no equipment, software, technology and training. And yet, I'm quite at peace when shooting imagery and sitting at the Mac to piece it all together and sync it with the music.

I came up with the idea for Jealous Angels when I received some alphabetical rubber stamps as a gift. I've always loved creating stationery and used them for my wedding invites. So I thought I'd try and create something in a stop-frame style with the lyrics of the song. It kind of worked. I added the obligatory live footage from various shows and Ka-boom - a video!

Enjoy. Comments welcome :)